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I t is therefore very unlikely that such a large tsunami could have been originated by earthquake rupturing alone. This simplified animation illustrates the t sunamis generation in sudbuction zones. Tsunamis generally occur after a megathrust earthquakes and thus follow vertical movement in the crust. If there is a slope, even an horizontal motion of the seafloor can produce an apparent vertical motion [9]. There is still no evidence that any of those hypotheses landslide or seafloor slope is the actual reason.

They could be both too.

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  8. Besides, the intensity of the tsunami seems to be more related to the shape of the Bay, which naturally acts as a funnel for the tsunami waves. As yet, a straightforward interpretation seems hasty and further analysis should come in aid. Rescue and damages: what now? The confirmed death toll from the Palu earthquake and tsunami has risen to 1, [10] together with thousand of buildings destroyed and over 61, people displaced [11]. The full scale of damages in the region can already be guessed by watching the dramatic pictures and videos spread online.

    She works on the velocity structures beneath the La Reunion Island from the surface to the core mantle boundary. You can reach her at mariat[at]earth.

    Earthquake seismology

    You can reach her on Twitter at seismolucy. Harvard CMT of death tolls events and the greatest event of magnitude Mw8. Between the 1st June and the 31st August, earthquakes with magnitude Mw above 5. During this last quarterly, the seismic activity in the lesser Sunda islands red square on figure 1 was very active, as we will see later in this report.

    Subduction zones in South East Asia and Central America knew a strong activity this summer in comparison with other regions. Could we argue that the Fiji earthquake triggered the Venezuela earthquake Mw7. In spite of the progress in engineering seismology and a better awareness of the rules of conduct in case of earthquake, some of these events always kill relatively too many people.

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    During this summer, persons were killed after death tolls in Osaka in June Mw5. June was characterized by seismic events with magnitude Mw above 5. This month was also characterized by a strong volcanic activity in Hawaii 26 events with Mw above 5. On the right: Seismograms of the Osaka earthquake from the global seismic network.

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    On 17 June, a Mw5. In this area, the seismicity is controlled by a system of strike slip faults [ 3 ] which accommodate the convergence of the Philippine plate and the Eurasian plate. The seismic activity of this region is relatively quiet in comparison with the northern part of the islands and subduction earthquakes. The 17 June event was located in the same area where a large earthquake was expected in the last 30 years after the earthquake [ 6 ]. Seismic hazard studies in this region show a strong site amplification of the area to ground motion figure 2.

    The relatively low magnitude event was amplified in some areas [ 7 ] and became a death toll due to collapsing concrete walls [ 8 ]: a danger knew since the Miyagi earthquake Mw7. July was characterized by seismic events with magnitude Mw above 5. Volcanic activity in Hawaii continued during this month with about 22 events recorded.

    As in June, July also knew a death toll event. Local seismicity red dot during the month. Death tolls are shown in grey. Lombok island is a paradisiac island east of Bali with a population of about 3. The region had previously known large earthquakes along the Sunda subduction zone Table 2 : in in Sumba Mw8.

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    A zoom on the Lombok island The Mw6. Even if this event occurred in a shallow part of the crust about 15 km deep , no tsunami was reported afterwards. Recently, Koulali et al. Seismicity across the Lombok island and the location of the Mw6. Build and share your own catalog of courses with Class Central's custom lists.

    Earthquake Lecture One: Geological and Seismological Context - 27 July 2011

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    Never miss a course! Add as "Interested" to get notified of this course's next session. With the current and planned configuration of CISN, we want to ensure that we capture the most relevant data in the next large earthquake sequence in California. Are we collecting all the relevant data at the critical locations? What is the optimal density and distribution of broadband instrumentation? As we advance the state of the art of interpreting seismograms, we must transform modern operator-assisted post-recording algorithms into real-time processing.

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    The CISN is interested in implementing real-time products that go beyond estimating epicenters and magnitudes. Possible improvements are implementation of moment tensor algorithms, cross-correlation of travel times for high precision hypocenters, and estimation of finite source models for ShakeMap and aftershock prediction. Looking farther ahead, we see a variety of applications, which include real-time monitoring of seismicity and possibly trapped waves within discrete precisely defined volumes, such as the San Andreas fault zone, to identify the onset of and monitor foreshock activity.

    Earthquake seismology Earthquake seismology
    Earthquake seismology Earthquake seismology
    Earthquake seismology Earthquake seismology
    Earthquake seismology Earthquake seismology
    Earthquake seismology Earthquake seismology

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