Gardening with Hardy Heathers

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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The sight of a wild landscape covered with heathers in full bloom is breathtaking, so it is little surprise that people have found ways of introducing these rewarding plants into their gardens. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Ella May T.

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Welcoming spring, young growing tips dress up with striking pink and fiery red hues that look resplendent against the more mature dark green foliage. Small linear gray-green leaves clothe a compact, dense growing habit that promotes upright spiky racemes of lovely double shell-pink flowers. Without a doubt, this AGM winner plays host to the most lovely double white flowers in the genus. Slowly opening, tiny buds reveal long, downward curving frosty blooms, illuminating the fine textured, bright green foliage that possesses a mounding habit, and in winter, bronze dipped tips.

Snow white flowers and horizontal spread are the icing on the cake. A real find!

Heathers and Garden Plants

With a nod to its name, this tailored low spreading Calluna serves up scarlet spring growth, then gilt, copper and lime laden leaves for the warmer months along with tiny pale mauve late summer flowers. Lucent colors announce winter in orange and red shades, easily igniting a bleak chilly day. Later to flower than most Heathers, the elegant fall blooms are showcased against attractive deep green foliage on upright branches. Distinctive for its opulent finery, 'Red Star' flashes deep purplish red double blooms on long upright flower spikes near summer's end, earning this attractive somewhat open growing Calluna its name.

Tiny dapper leaves craft a dark forest green foil that offsets the vivid blossoms and counterposes lime and golden-leafed Heathers, such as Calluna vulgaris 'Blazeaway' to great effect. Heralding handsome woolly gray foliage throughout the year, this knightly cultivar is yet another J. Sparkes introduction. Colder weather paints violet tinges on the leaves, while late summer finds upright branches studded with purple flowers near the tips.

Cold weather adds a hint of purple to the leaves, while the dense low mounding form can be ensconced along pathways or tucked into rocky nooks. New foliage growth blazes orange-yellow, maturing to deep green, with medium pink flower spikes on a loosely mounding form. Unparalleled as a cut flower, either fresh or dried, the splendid rosy crimson double blooms, borne on long, erect slender stems, festoon a compact bushy mound of fine textured dark green foliage.

With so many upright and horizontal stems, this Heather has an especially wild appearance in its youth. When it matures, however, it develops into a dense, tight mound of unusual foliage: burnt orange-yellow on the upper half and lime-green below, where it is protected from the sun.

Architectura & Natura - Gardening with Hardy Heathers

During the summer, the color spectrum is extended with lavender- pink flowers blooming along the upper portion of the stems. As the days grow longer, the foliar shades broaden to an alluring range of orange, pink and yellow, toned by bright green. Heaths have fine, short, needle-like evergreen leaves that vary from deep green to silver, gold, or chartreuse. Tiny urn-shaped flowers sparkle like hoarfrost, in shades from white to pinks and rosy purples. A beacon of dazzling color, the low-to-the-ground mat is cloaked in distinctive needlelike foliage set aglow with gilded yellow hues and bronzy red tips.

Sparkes in for his sister-in-law, this lambent beauty is further heightened when her carmine-red racemes unfurl, cheering up a drab winter landscape. This shining starlet guarantees a year-round performance. During the summer months, the leaves attain a glowing yellow hue, while cooler weather brings lime-green accents and splendid flowers that last all winter. Deemed one of the loveliest and most decorative Heaths, this highly touted Erica displays bright rosy red flowers on a tidy, compact mound of Yew green foliage. Tailor-made for tight spots, the rockery or drifts, its hardy easy-care foundation imparts illuminated floral accents during the winter months plus cream-colored new foliar growth as a spring bonus.

Clear pink flowers engulf the forest-green foliage, followed by vigorous spring growth that sprouts bright bronze. Delighting gardeners since , this all-time favorite hosts creamy buds and white flowers. This Heath brings carmine red flowers that cover a low spreading form. Its deep green summer foliage bronzes after the first frost.

Match this gem with white varieties. Distinctive for its deep green, fine textured foliage and pleasing appearance, this summer blooming Erica was named in honor of the man who discovered it—Australian born Charles Eason.

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Very tiny short needles and slender branches make an ideal foil for the freely borne, dense clusters of glowing dark pink flowers. It was a British couple, Mr. Letts, whose keen eyes first noted this summer flowering beauty in the wilds of Cornwall and later introduced it. Deep magenta flowers decorate this durable evergreen when most plants are dormant.

Stiff branches hold dark green foliage, enhanced in winter by bronze highlights and closely set chartreuse buds that open into cerise-magenta blooms.

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Porter to thank for this attractive low spreading Erica. Highly effective when massed, her stylish countenance lends colorful year-round allure to a stone wall, Heather garden or mixed border. Erica erigena f. This lambent E. The pristine white flowers stand out against the deep green foliage, yet we favor this Heath for its form, which clumps to an almost spherical mound.

Elevated above a low, deep green bush, the long upright racemes of cylindrically arranged, irresistible blooms open from the bottom up and when spent, persist through the winter burnished in russet brown hues. Invaluable for summer and fall gardens, our easy-care Aster offerings are tried-and-true performers in sunny locales with average soil and moderate moisture.

Cherished by plant aficionados, flower arrangers, song birds and pollinators, many Aster cultivars work well in either formal or informal venues and can be tucked into stylized meadows, cottage gardens and borders. Tall ornamental grasses and perennials, like Calamagrostis, Eupatorium purpureum, Panicum or Helianthus serve as intriguing backdrops, while Molinia lends a mysterious element when planted right up front.

Late season bloomers such as Persicaria, Solidago, Sedum, Yarrow, Phlox, Verbena bonariensis, Hypericum androsaemum and Selinum wallichianum become colorful cohorts when intermingled with mid-sized Asters! Allan Armitage, an author and horticultural professor at the University of Georgia.

Navitar refers to both deliberately cultivated selections and naturally occurring variations of native plants.

Thankfully, many American natives and navitars nourish song birds, bees, hummingbirds and butterflies plus other beneficial insects. We can make a difference by including numerous plants that benefit pollinators in our landscapes.

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  • We hope this selection of natives, nativars and pollinator-friendly plants will inspire you to find some room for them in your border. Digging Dog Nursery. Quick Search. Digging Dog Nursery A retail and mail-order plant nursery specializing in unusual and hard-to-find perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs, trees, and vines.

    Gardening with Hardy Heathers
    Gardening with Hardy Heathers
    Gardening with Hardy Heathers
    Gardening with Hardy Heathers
    Gardening with Hardy Heathers
    Gardening with Hardy Heathers
    Gardening with Hardy Heathers
    Gardening with Hardy Heathers

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