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The Directive on the legal protection of databases Database Directive aims at supporting the development of the European database industry. It created a sui generis right protecting investments of database makers, regardless of the originality of databases, and harmonised copyright law applicable to the original databases.

The Role of EU State Aid Law in Promoting a Pro-innovation Policy

This study investigates whether the Database Directive fulfils its objectives, especially in the current context of the fast-growing data economy. How can policy and government best support the growth of innovative ecosystems that look to the future?

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Read the full article in the spring edition of Impact Innovators: link. The outcome of this study will allow for the creation of an EU-wide information database, accessible to any IoT player in Europe. For more information, please continue with the survey.

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Completing the survey will only require a few minutes. Please note that your participation in this survey is voluntary. Read more here. Research in the physical sciences and engineering yields results important to technological innovation, national security, and economic growth. Artificial intelligence AI is being employed in the private sector to optimize production processes, pricing, and other business functions.

But apart from national security and law enforcement, productive uses in the public sector have received less attention, despite recognition that the administrative state's foremost challenges include efficient processing of ever-increasing amounts of data, and adapting to new information over time.

The Center for Innovation Policy at Duke Law and the Federal Circuit Bar Association presented a one-day program focusing on important patent issues affecting the protection of cutting-edge technology.


Copyright as Innovation Policy: Google Book Search from a Law and Economics Perspective

The program provided 7 hours of CLE credit. Hughes, Judge, U. The U. More information. The FCC concluded the most complex auction in history, the culmination of a decade-long planning process for moving spectrum from broadcast to mobile broadband uses. On May 12, , The Center for Innovation Policy at Duke Law held a half-day conference that identified lessons from this auction for spectrum policy, government disposition of assets whether of spectrum or other resources , and the future of innovation policy generally. Speakers included: Lawrence Ausubel, Univ.

Unboxing the Innovation Policy Toolkit with Professor Lisa Ouellette

More Information. Government data and research point to a long decline in US corporate investment in upstream research. How pervasive is this trend across industries, technologies, and firms of different sizes?

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How does it compare with research spending by the federal government, universities, and companies abroad? Does it reflect less reliance on research, whoever performs it? Is it explained by capital market pressures, global competition, or other factors? Has it contributed to the slowdown in productivity growth?

Are there other reasons policymakers should be concerned? If so, what policy levers should they look to—e.

Congressional Briefing.

Innovation, Policy and Law Innovation, Policy and Law
Innovation, Policy and Law Innovation, Policy and Law
Innovation, Policy and Law Innovation, Policy and Law
Innovation, Policy and Law Innovation, Policy and Law
Innovation, Policy and Law Innovation, Policy and Law
Innovation, Policy and Law Innovation, Policy and Law
Innovation, Policy and Law Innovation, Policy and Law

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