Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless

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Flawless (Pretty Little Liars #2) by Sara Shepard Book Reviews

Author s. Sara Shepard. HarperCollins Publishers. In the exclusive town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, where the sweetest smiles hide the darkest secrets, four pretty little liars--Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna--have been very bad girls. Spencer stole her sister's boyfriend. Aria is brokenhearted over her English teacher. Emily likes her new friend Maya. And Hanna's obsession with looking flawless is literally making her sick.

But the most horrible secret of all is something so scandalous it could destroy their perfect little lives. And someone named "A" is threatening to do just that. At first they thought A was Alison, their friend who vanished three years ago. So could A be Melissa, Spencer's ultracompetitive sister? Or Maya, who wants Emily all to herself? What about Toby, the mysterious guy who left town right after Alison went missing? One thing's for certain: A's got the dirt to bury them all alive, and with every crumpled note, wicked IM, and vindictive text message A sends, the girls get a little closer to losing it all.

User reviews. Already have an account? Log in now or Create an account. March 22, Overall rating. Reader reviewed by aubrey The book Flawless picks up right where Pretty Little Liars leaves off with Spencer, Aira, Emily, and Hanna all trying to figure out who keeps sending them messages that threaten to reveal some of their deepest secrets. Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful to you? Flawless Book. August 06, Reader reviewed by fifi57 Another good book by Sara Shepard.

After loving the 1st book I went out and got this book right away. This is an amazing read about 4 girls who thought their secrets were lost forever but they came back to haunt them. Maybe forever. Pretty Little Liars: Flawless. June 15, Emily is still expierencing problems with her sexuality. And Spencer is still dealing with the feelings she has toward her sister's ex, Wren. Intense Drama, Could not put down! July 10, Reader reviewed by trishalynn I honestly didn't think book two would be better than book one.

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But I proved myself wrong. This is the best YA series I have read in a long time, and can not wait to start book three. I would have to say Aria is my favorite in this book. She had a fling with her teacher in book one.

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And in this one there are hints there might be something more about them in book three. She also is dating Hanna's ex-boyfriend, Sean, which Hanna is not happy about. Hanna in this book struggles to find herself and where she fit's in. She steals, takes pills, smokes, and is friends with a bad girl names Mona. Which their friendship fades after Hanna keeps secrets from her. Hanna is also having a hard time with her dad's new family. Her dad hasn't talked to Hanna in four years, but then comes back into Hanna's life after Hanna is caught stealing.

Hanna's step-sister, Kate is out to get and make sure that Hanna isn't part of her new family. And Hanna and her mom aren't close.

Emily has mixed feelings about her girl friend Maya that she kissed in the first book. Emily is attracted to her still, but she is worried about what other's will say about her being gay. So she tries dating guys. She starts a fling with Toby, who in the end they think is "A" who is sending them messages about the secrets they told Alison, but Alison is dead, and Toby's ending is tragic and shocking. And Spencer, she has the most going on. She has secrets about The Jenna Thing only her and Alison knew, and it weighs on her not telling anyone.

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She also has a hard time with her family who favors her sister more. Spencer also stole her sister's boyfriend, Wren from her only to have her sister steal him back and dump him to get back at Spencer for stealing him. These are awesome books, intense drama, and an amazing read! February 06, Reader reviewed by Mary In the first book we were introduced to the Liars themselves and their friend, Alison, who died mysteriously.

But I found myself hooked and I desperately want to know who A is. It is amazing. Thats it. September 21, Reader reviewed by Gabby Ok. This book is basically about girls that are rich and privleged and they get to know the REAL world. Best Book ever! August 15, Reader reviewed by Courtney There are way too many good things to write about "The pretty little liars" series!

Flawless leaves you hanging just like the first one but it does answer a few questions! The girls fragile friendship if thats what you want to call it is tested quite a lot. There were also lots of twists and turns too.

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Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless

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Pretty Little Liars;Flawless

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Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless
Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless
Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless
Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless
Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless

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