The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author)

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Worm pushed his hands against the glass, smearing the view of his broken life. There was no real day or night, only patterns. Just like the hazed images dancing on the other side of the glass every time Worm opened his eyes, this must be another deception. Across the glass was a house. Worm was told it was his house.

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The dingy four walls encased him, bare, caked in a filth he could not clean off despite exhaustive scrubbing. When he directed himself around the house, Worm watched the room shift and move, as if his glass cage was travelling through it. And yet he knew the lie.

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The bills never ended, debts neither. His paycheck fed him enough to feel like starving. Food crossed the glass only by transforming the brown mud at his feet into the shape of food. It still tasted like shit. No matter what occurred out there beyond the walls of his prison, Worm knew it was a lie. The greatest deception. So he borrowed and hid again, closing his eyes. A thousand years he repeated this routine. The devil had Worm and this was hell. Thanks to everyone who participated! How about we make some magic?

This scene can be up to words long. If you want to enter, post your scene on the Facebook page for my editing services.

I will then pick the four best and hand out the prizes. Also remember that anyone who decides to snag a slot in my next few workshops gets a free ebook of their choice. Good luck! I will pick the four best. Hello, everyone. You will see my previous post was about a photo caption contest courtesy of photographer and writer Kristopher Hensel.

Well, the contest played out and we got a bunch of entries. This was a tough decision for us but we managed to narrow it down to a top five and then to a victor. Hear that? More opportunities on the horizon. Exciting, huh? Well, not as exciting as it will be for one lucky writer. Is it literal? Is it metaphor?

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Is it magick? Is it art? All the contestants wrestled with this and came at it from different angles but five did it best. These are the five that impressed me most. From here, Kris and I conferred and we picked one standout whose work absolutely blew Kris away. Congratulations, Lynn! Bragging rights and the dollar prize are yours. Keep watching my page for more opportunities like this.

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Finalists will be eligible to enter the next contest but Lynn, the winner, will not. You could be next! I do a lot of different jobs for a lot of different clients. Sometimes this means I get to provide special opportunities for writers, or artists or publishers I know. This December and January, I get to provide another such opportunity. Photographer Kris Hensel documents the magic and mystery of life in Mexico. His work captures the vibrancy of an exciting, organic culture. But he wants to try and do more with these pictures. Kris is having a contest. Kris and I will be judging who can write the best word story using this photo as a prompt.

The winner gets dollars. Send a word story about and inspired by this photo to thecentercannothold gmail.

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Kris and I will then decide who wrote the best story and award them the prize. Good luck to everyone! She asked me to put together and edit a lineup for the New Bizarro Author Series imprint. Thanks to my workshops and my client base, I saw a lot of manuscripts and a lot of promising talent trying to get into the genre and I was thrilled to be able to help. I am proud to say, I found nine authors who I felt each represented something I love about Bizarro. We worked together and gave you the nine best we could.

I am proud to see these authors manifest and proud that their work is now available for purchase. Check out these nine books.

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Vincent Van Gogh is a cop with a dark past. He painted some of the greatest artistic masterpieces of our time. He cut off his ear out of love for a prostitute.

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He was a great painter. Van Gogh is put on the case. But this hard case has a new partner. His methods are unusual, his attitude incompatible and he has the head of an elephant.

Can these two put aside their differences and learn to work together? Get it for your Kindle! Jason Voorheesberg has struggled to become the great slasher his mom believes he can be and has as bad case of Slasher Anxiety. He is sent to one of the worse ranked camps for young slashers: Slasher Camp for Nebulous Youth When she drops Jason off at the camp, he gets bullied by the Jock Slashers and is attacked by the rich, snooty protagonists of the rival Final Camp across the lake. He hates the camp and is considered the worst slasher by the Pred counselors.

Even though he makes a friend with Slasher Candybee Wamack and develops a forbidden relationship with a Slazer Final Girl who slays Slashers , he struggles even more with his slasher anxiety.

The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author) The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author)
The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author) The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author)
The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author) The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author)
The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author) The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author)
The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author) The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author)
The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author) The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author)
The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author) The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author)
The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author) The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author)
The Egg Said Nothing (New Bizarro Author)

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