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A butterfly-shaped rash across the cheekbones and over the bridge of the nose can be a sign of lupus, an autoimmune disease. Allergies, eczema and rosacea, and certain infections can also trigger facial rashes. Four years later, both of their circumstances have changed. Free from her stepfather's influence after his arrest, Mina and her mother have made a good life for themselves in London. At least, that is, until her stepfather's escape from the authorities and her mother's subsequent abduction.

Phin's prospects, however, have changed dramatically — for the better, or so it seems on the surface. He's inherited a title in the wake of his uncle's death, he's left government service and his role as reluctant spy, and every day is a challenge to fit this new role and leave the darkness of his past deeds behind. He's done his best to forget Mina over the years but when she calls in her favour, he can't turn away, and they are once again thrown together. He finds it hard to believe that her intentions aren't more than what meets the eye, and she isn't willing to gamble her one trump card on someone who refuses to trust her.

Both are at the inconvenient mercy of their mutual attraction, and naturally they are perfect for one another. A beauty, completely aware of her charms, she's painfully clever and intelligent, and it's that awareness that forces her to act the harmless innocent in order to not only survive in the world of men, but also thrive in it. She's got a successful business, investors, and manages to outwit anyone in her path no matter the situation.

But Phin challenges her. He pushes her and manages to see to the truth of her — even after he doubts himself and his instincts. Phin carries so much self-doubt most of it the result of family circumstances in himself, in his abilities, in not feeling comfortable in his new position; all of which are compounded by the losses he's faced in his role as an agent. Mina struggles to prove to Phin that he's worth her faith in him, but the bigger challenge to overcome is convincing him to have faith in himself. The mystery of the double agent, the missing mother, even Phin's recruiter, it's all diverting and interesting, but in my mind was totally eclipsed by the couple and their relationship.

The push and pull of their chemistry, trying to outwit one another, the emotional reveals that happen along the way, their intimate interactions, and Mina's adamant refusal to be locked away, to be protected without given means to be given a choice.. Sexy as all hell. Strangely, though, the end of the book leaves us on something of a lighthearted and almost silly note. The resolution to the abduction plotline was something I wish I had seen coming and as much as the shift was a little jarring, in hindsight I'm totally amused by it all.

As for the romance, I loved the final chapter between Phin and Mina. It's so perfectly suited to their relationship. Though I didn't love the whole story as much as I loved Duke of Shadows , it did nothing to diminish my respect and love for this author. Meredith Duran has created some of the most intelligent, layered characters in historical romance, which are only reinforced by her brilliant writing, and every book of hers I read makes me question why it's taken me so long to discover her.

In spite of my small reservation, Written on Your Skin is highly recommended.

View all 13 comments. Jul 27, Rane rated it really liked it Shelves: victorian-era. Life in a golden cage has worn thin for Mina Masters as she forced into a unwanted marriage, thinking to disgrace herself enough to avoid matrimony she sets her sights on the american Mr. Monroe who also happens to be a British spy Phin Granville. After getting away, four years later, Phin has a title to rid himself and getting out of the game of espionage, but when a l Life in a golden cage has worn thin for Mina Masters as she forced into a unwanted marriage, thinking to disgrace herself enough to avoid matrimony she sets her sights on the american Mr.

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Book Review: Under Your Skin by Sabine Durrant

After getting away, four years later, Phin has a title to rid himself and getting out of the game of espionage, but when a letter comes his way with Mina asking for help, he drawn one last time into the dark game with Mina and his lives on the line. It was hard to rate this book ,while I enjoyed it greatly there was a few parts that kinda turned out iffy for me.

The first half of the book felt blah and dragged somewhat as you learn a little about Mina and Phin, many of the thought monologue were somewhat jumble not giving you a clear picture making you think not only has the character wander off in thought but the author as well. The frist half gives you the mere bare bones of the plot. At times I really liked her as the mask she worn to protect herself slipped and the mature woman emerge, but almost like one step forward one step back she would do something immature making me roll my eyes.

It was cute and understandable when she acted feather brain in the beginning then it became old. Phin also hid himself behind masks of his own making, trying to live beyond the abuse of his father, which was never fully explain or expanded more in a greater detail. Phin came across as cold and in control all the time, his mask was the first to slip and what you see beyond is a sad and lonely mapmaker.

The relationship between Phin and Mina was hot, but instead of feeling love between them it almost came across as a sex game for dominance, I liked Phin as he gave over the control to Mina who thought she had one up on him, but making her come across as naive instead of worldly when the tables turned on her. Her daughter risked her life and she was more worried about her dress of acting right in public or staying in a prsion of her own making.

Overall: a great book with a slow first half, with some sexy scenes between two people hiding behind masks as it breaks apart and their shown they can trust and love without conditions or prisons to bind them, an amazing story even with itfaults! View all 15 comments. Nov 26, Gilgamesha rated it really liked it.

Duran is a brilliant writer. But this is ability is a double edged sword when it comes to writing full length novels. The human brain is capable of producing 70, thoughts per day most which we are unaware of She is not a good storyteller It is exhausting to read all these thoughts of a single character while you are waiting for a mystery to be unraveled or a villain to be brought to face retribution. God help us the day she is able to find the balance between plot development and character development As far as this specific book goes it was the moments between Phin and Mina that were worth reading I skimmed through most of everything else.

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View all 9 comments. Jan 18, Katie babs rated it it was amazing. My expectations are very high when it comes to a Meredith Duran books. The romances she pens do not have a simple storyline where boy meets girl, they go on an adventures and their happily ever is pretty much a given. Written on Your Skin is a gut retching journey, not only for the two main characters but for the reader. Written on Your Skin is a beautiful, all encompassing experience.

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Meredith makes s My expectations are very high when it comes to a Meredith Duran books. Meredith makes sure to bring forth every emotion. And those who wish to write their own historical romance, take note. Meredith Duran is becoming a master writer of this genre. Learn from her. The year is , the setting is Hong Kong, Tokyo.

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Phin Granville is working undercover as a British spy. He needs to take down a Mr. Gerard Collins who will soon be arrested for crimes against the British government. Phin hates this life. It eats away at him where the stress gets to him so much that he has horrible headaches. Phin is close to having a breakdown at any moment. Mina is a young, brash American who flaunts herself in front of society and taunts Phin wherever he goes.

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  4. When Phin first meets Mina he thinks of her as a featherbrain, a very fragile young woman who looks like a porcelain doll. Mina is full of energy and enjoys speaking what's on her mind. The world sees Phin one way. The same goes for Mina. Mina wants to break away and will help her mother also but running back to New York City and away from Collins. But there is a problem, and it is Phin. Mina nurses him back to health and helps him get away. Because Mina is a resourceful young woman she and her mother are able to make their way back to New York.

    Mina has started a very profitable hair tonic business. But Mina is now in London, four years later, searching for her missing mother.

    Written on Your Skin Written on Your Skin
    Written on Your Skin Written on Your Skin
    Written on Your Skin Written on Your Skin
    Written on Your Skin Written on Your Skin
    Written on Your Skin Written on Your Skin
    Written on Your Skin Written on Your Skin

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